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Rules!! Very Important (Updated 15/8/09)

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Rules!! Very Important (Updated 15/8/09) Empty Rules!! Very Important (Updated 15/8/09)

This is a updated version of the rules...

Some of these rules have been taken from Romulation with the permission from the Administrator

Failure to comply with any of the following rules will result in Warning Points being given to users. (unless otherwise stated so)

Main Board Rules

- You must be the age of 13 or above to be a part of the forum. This is a PG-13 forum.
- You must speak English. We cannot cater for non-English speaking users. Sorry.
- Links that lead onto other gaming forums similar to GamesWorld are forbidden from being posted onto any part of the forum unless approved by the admins.
- Multiple accounts are not allowed. If found, all accounts WILL be banned and there will be a ban from future sign-ups to the site (If another person is living in the same household and they wish to have a account on the same IP address, Please PM me (VampiricPadraig) or TheNightsEnd to let us know. We can detect from every single post where you have posted from. All logs of IP visits and posts are recorded.
- If there is a problem with the forum, Place it in the "Forum Problems" located under "Suggestions". Do NOT under any circumstances ever to PM anybody about a problem.
- No posting of Warez/Serials/Cracks/keygens, or links to sites with said content. Do NOT ask for such things either. Repeated violations of this rule will lead to a permanent ban.
- No posting of referral links/get rich/get free [insert item here]/online voting links. You will only be warned once, after that you will be banned. In certain circumstances referral links may be posted if pre-approved by the admin team, but this is very unlikely to happen.
- Members who DO NOT log in after 30 days after the last visit will get their account decativated and will have to email to re-activate the account. We don't want any dead weight on the site.

- It is expected that users act as adults, this is a forum for discussion. Users may not always agree, this is not a reason for flame wars, name calling or otherwise being a git. Be polite and thorough in your posts, if you're arguing a topic then provide thorough reasoning for your opinion.
- It is expected that users do not curse or use swear language on the forum.
- All content submitted by a user must adhere to a PG-13 guideline. No explicit images, language or content otherwise offending to minors.
- Do not flame bait, this could be by saying "PSP sucks, NDS owns!". Provide a reason instead so other users can evaluate your argument and either agree or counter-argue.
- Do not feed trolls, if a user is flame baiting then use the "Report to moderator" button, do not respond to the troll.

Posting on The Board
- All new members MUST introduce themselves in GamesWorld HERE. If you do not introduce yourself to the forum within 10 days, you shall be deleted of the database completely.
- Search before posting. If a recent news topic has appeared and you think that it is good enough to place onto the site. Check if it has been already placed on the site. Use the "Search" button at the top of any page and key in the topic name and if it isn't there place it in the relevant news thread. For games that are released or going to be released that are on more than one platform, Place it in "general gaming". For Xbox specific games, Place it Xbox>News. For Playstation specific games, place it in Playstation>News. For Nintendo specific games, place it in Nintendo>News. For PC specific games, place it in PC>News. For technology news, create a thread in the main "Jokes & Pointless Stuff" section on the board.
- Use full proper English. While in the forum, a good rate of using vocabulary is needed for the board. Simply saying "Thanks" is not grateful to the person who provided the answer for you, Expanding the message will make the person feel good for being a good help towards you. We will not give out for little spelling mistakes but please make sure to use SpellCheck on your browser before submitting your post. Under no circumstances should SMS speak be used. If found, The user will be given 5 warning points.
- While posting in topics, make sure to stay on topic, if you want to discuss off-topic, place a "@offtopic" at the start of the post before you talk off-topic but you MUST write something ON-topic. Failure to comply with this rule will seriously annoy the staff and warning points will be dealt to the user.
- No Double-Posting unless seperated by 24 hours of the last post.
- No Bumping of a unanswered thread unless seperated by 24 hours of the posting of the thread.
- Normal Members on the board are not allowed under any circumstances to act as a Moderator, Moderators were given that job for Moderating posts like these. If found, you will receive a warning.

Signatures & Avatars
- Signatures can only contain a maximum of 500 characters. This can be made up of images and text.
- Under no circumstances, should rapid flashing .gif pictures be allowed. If this is found on anybody's profile, the pictures will be removed and you will lose your signature capability forever. This also applies to Avatar's aswell.
- Avatars can only be a maximum of 150x200 or 64kb (Whichever comes first) and MUST be a .jpg or a .png file.
- Any pornograpic material that is submitted as a avatar or signature will have their account permanently banned.
- All links that are in the signatures must only go to either, your own blog or social network profile. Links to external website are not allowed

Remember, to read this thoroughly and become aware of these rules.

ALL work created by users of GamesWorld are copyrighted to the creator of the image/text/video etc. IF any of these images/texts/videos etc are to appear anywhere WITHOUT prior permission of the creator. Penalties will be dealt.
Also, If a user of GamesWorld tries to claim work that they DO NOT own, They will be given a 72-hour ban!! NO EXCUSES!!!

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Rules!! Very Important (Updated 15/8/09) :: Comments


Post on Wed May 27, 2009 4:44 pm by VampiricPadraig


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Post on Thu May 28, 2009 3:47 pm by VampiricPadraig

TheNightsEnd wrote:well censor words if there's to be no swearin

i tried to but as you will find out i fail lmao

I fixed them swear words. More will be added soon

Jurassic Kid99 wrote:Ill test the censors on the chat box,once they get up and running

At this moment, There is no word management for the chatbox but has been suggested in the Forumotion support!!

I'm deleting the previous two posts because this is a informative post and not a discussion thread, hence the reason is locked. Please discuss it in a different topic. Thanks

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Post on Sun Jun 07, 2009 4:10 am by VampiricPadraig

"Copyright Rules" have been added. Please re-read all the rules!

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Post on Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:11 am by VampiricPadraig

- All links that are in the signatures must only go to either, your own blog or social network profile. Links to external website are not allowed

New rule added to "Signatures & Avatars" section.

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