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PS3 prices gona fall

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PS3 prices gona fall

Post by Irish_COP on Thu Jan 01, 2009 6:20 pm

Technology-research firm iSuppli Corporation has advised that the revised PlayStation 3 is 35% cheaper to produce than the previous version. They claim the savings are possible due to a drop in component prices over time, a reduction in the total number of parts required and a new (and cheaper) CPU.

iSuppli are quoted as saying that part of the reason for the cost savings is the result of "the normal learning curve and supply/demand factors that bring component prices down over time."

The new PS3 now costs Sony $US448.73 to make, down from $US690.23 for the original console. For context, the PS3 retails for $US399 in the United States.

Given that Sony is now closer to breaking even on the PS3, hopefully there is some potential for a future price cut in 2009. Fingers crossed woop woop

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