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Rules Of Reviews

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Rules Of Reviews

Post by VampiricPadraig on Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:30 am

1. If you are going to review a game...make sure that you have completed it and think..."is it worth reviewing???" If not...Don't bother!

2. At the must give a recommendation to other members whether to buy the game or not.

3. When Posting the review...Have the topic like this

"[X360] Grand Theft Auto IV by VampiricPadraig"

4. If you are taking a review from an internet site (eg. CVG) or taking it from a magazine (e.g. Gamesmaster) you MUST give the name of the company that initially reviewed it and the date of review/ Magazine Issue

eg. "[X360] Grand Theft Auto IV (CVG --/--/--) or (Gamesmaster Issue #---)

5. Under NO circumstances must you give spoilers...If you wish to post a spoiler...use the spoiler pressing "Others>Spoiler" in your post
Like so!!

6. Remember...Its only YOUR opinion...not a FACT!!

7. All reviews are "READ ONLY" so once it is posted...The thread is locked...meaning no comments" If you want to edit your me(VampiricPadraig), TheNightsEnd or Quadnike to unlock

8. All Reviews will be either accepted or rejected by Quadnike who is a Reviewer!!


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