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Making a DS game

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Making a DS game

Post by VampiricPadraig on Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:12 pm

Everything has come from (our sister site) and thanks to witnessmenow (from wiffy) we are bringing the "making a DS game" here. Enjoy

The language we'll be using is C using special DS code libraries called palib.

If you follow that link it tells you what you need to install.

DevkitPro is the compiler, its what converts your lines of code into something that can be reconised by the DS

As i mentioned above, PAlib is a library. Its a list of predifined functions used especially for the DS. eg Pad.Held.Up is predifened function for checking if up on the D pad is pressed, someone has already done the tough work to get that command working so all you have to do is call it.

You also need something to write the code in. Anything will do nearly (even notepad!) but i recommend notepad++ its nice to work with because of tabs and it reconises keywords of the languge your writing in, and its also free.

You will also need to use CMD a little so its best to familirise yourself with that. but basically all you need to know is:

cd c:\folder1\folder2 --gets you places
cd .. --moves you up one folder
dir --lists files and folders are in the current directory

this might be a good time to note (while i think about it!) that when we get to compiling code you can not have spaces in your codes address. eg c:\program files\code\test.c will not work!

back to the palib link:

Day 1: Is all about installing the stuff. Down to "making a hello world" is as far as you need to go (unless your not on a windows machine)

Day 2: Is a basic intro to the C programing language. If you go as far as the bottom of "conditional branches" you'll have enough to keep you going.

Day 3: This is where it starts getting fun . Its all about inputs(buttons, touchpad etc) and outputs (text on the screen etc)

If you ge this far and understand most of it your not far off being able to make you first game!

I suppose try get everthing installed and let me know how you get on with it. If your having problems post back and I'll see if i can help you.

I'll comment some of my first bits of code and upload it. Its just the code for a few simple things like writing text to the screen, pressing the button, pressing the touch pad etc.


You dont need an R4 card or whatever for this. A emulator will work fine for testing purposes. no$gba is the one i use (scroll down for the freeware version)

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