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Achievements -vs- Trophys

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Achievements -vs- Trophys

Post by Irish_COP on Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:11 pm

No matter what they are called, Achievements and Trophies are and arbitrary way of saying that I have spent more time in a game than you. I will admit in some cases depending on the difficulty of the Achievement or Trophy, they do tell you some people have serious skill. I have sunk a lot of time in the last several weeks hunting down Trophies on the PSN. I don’t know why I have been doing this because it was never like this when I had an Xbox 360. Telling me that you have a Gamerscore of 45,678 and someone else has a score of 26,578 tells me nothing. On the other side of things when you tell me you are a level 6 and someone else is level 3 that tells me the type of Trophies you are getting.

As an RPG enthusiast am I attracted to the leveling up aspect of Trophies? I do like the tiered Trophies with bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. I can tell you that a 10g Achievement has the same felling of a bronze Trophy, and a Platinum Trophy had the same feeling of scoring a complete 1000g. I do not have a comparison for gold or silver because there really is not any as a developers can assign any point value to any Achievement. I know what I am getting when I unlock a Trophy.

I think to summarize the idea of someone coming to my apartment to see all my 200 some odd Trophies lined up is an appealing experience. Having weight to my Trophies in the form of precious metal is nice. The exact reason I like Trophies over Achievements, is unknown to me. I can tell you I do feel a better sense of accomplishment

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