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Forum Review #2

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Forum Review #2 Empty Forum Review #2

You may recall on Monday 11 May 2009, I posted a review from Forumotion rating our site. We got a disappointing 38%.
>>>Read The Review Here<<<

Well, Last Sunday 21 June 2009, I requested the forum to be re-reviewed!!
The following is the results:

Your Forum Review
'Game World'


1. First Impressions (Score: 8/10): Wow! this forum looks cool. OK i like the forum and categories but you need description to tell users more about it. Your color scheme is good it all matches each other which is good. Your user groups seem pretty good. Your members seem to be active and post alot aswell. But your appearance isn't that great. Other than this great job on your forum. I can't tell it's a ForuMotion forum.

2. Index Appearance (Score: 7/10): Good but when i entered the forum i had to click another buttom even though that is good. You might want to change that. Your appearance is alright but just change that first bit and it will be better. Other than that your appearance is good because your colors all match each other which os obviously good lol!

3. Forum Layout & Color Scheme (Score: 8/10): OK your forum color scheme is very good. All similier colors. Your forum layout is the one you have to change. Your forum width is too small. You need to make it bigger so when you enter the actual forum your not seing just the edge your seing the actualy forum. Other than that your forum's color and layout is pretty good.

4. Categories & Forums (Score: 9/10): Very good! Your forums and categories are very neat and tidy which is obviously good. All i can suggest with your forum and categories is that you add description to all forums not just a few. Other than that your forum and categories are really good. So just add description to every forum.

Generalities total: 32/40

Forum Style

1. Banner & Navigation Bar (Score: 9/10): OK your banner is just a little bit too plain. All you have in your banner is just the name of your forum. You need something else on your banner so it doesn't look plain. Your navigation bar is fine you don't need to change anything with your navigation bar leave it alone Very Happy
Banner Your banner seems a little too plain. Add a picture in the background of the banner it will look heaps better. So if i were you i would add a picture in the background of the banner so it doesn't look too plain.

Navigation Bar Your banner is 100% perfect there is nothing you could do to make your navigation bar better Very Happy So just leave your navigation bar alone for now.

2. Images & Icons (Score: 10/10): Outstanding! Your images and icons are perfect. They match the forum perfect. They are very visible. I don't think you could of done a better job on this. So Very Happy on your images and icons.

Style total: 19/20

Forum Moderation & Groups

1. Staff Population (Score: 8/10):
Administration- 1 member(s) OK very good! But you should have atleast two Admins. You really should hire another Admin seriously.

Moderation- 3 member(s) OK Your moderators are perfect they are reducing spam perfectly. Therefore they are doing their job perfectly. So don't hire anymore mods just get one more admin.

2. Staff/User Groups (Score: 9/10): Nearly Perfect!! You just need to change the super mod color or the mod color. They are nearly the same color not good. Just change one of them to a lighter color or even a different color altogether.

Usergroup total: 17/20

Forum Activity

1. Post/Member Ratio (Score: 9/10): Now your members seem to post regulary which is obviously very good. So give your members a little reward every know and then. Example: give them some Credits (if you have activated it) things like that.

2. Member Activity (Score: 8/10): Good! But only half of your members seem to be acive. So tell the other half to be active. Or if the staff are un inactive fire/demote them to a lower position or maybe don't give them a job at all.

Activity total: 17/20

Overall Mark: 85/100
Forum Review #2 Picture2-17


What could be done to improve your forum: Make your forum width bigger. make it so you don't have to click that link to enter the forum.Change the color of either mod or super mod group.

The best thing I like about your forum: Is that the colors are all very good! Very Happy

I'm so happy now..

I have to tell them about TNE being away when this was reviewed ^^

Good Job to all

UPDATE: The Reviewer now knows that there is two admins but was on holidays ^^

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Forum Review #2 :: Comments


Post on Mon Jun 29, 2009 3:36 am by Gurbural

Yay! This is so much better than the earlier review!

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Post on Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:22 pm by Xclipse

Hehe!! Congrats guys! you did a good job!

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Post on Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:07 am by VampiricPadraig

I'm gonna sticky this and send the old dirty rotten 38% review to the dump Very Happy

Arrow Stickied!!!

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