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Monitor your 360 and your friends on the go!

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Monitor your 360 and your friends on the go!

So here's the deal, Zumobi Entertainment has come up with a free app for your iPod Touch or iPhone that allows you to maintain a sort of one-way communication with your 360 machine and your friends. The app is free and in a recent interview, somewhere between one and one billion people have downloaded the app. But does a free app have anything of value in it to you 360 owners? Well sure, and the price is right.

Do when you get your app downloaded, you will notice that it bears a very familiar look, in fact it pretty much looks like the 360 dashboard only with different rolling options. since it's a touch screen you can scroll up or down through the options. Which coincidently I will note.... here:

Community: Allows you to scroll through various media and blogs that are posted. Depending on your desire to read, this is a pretty beefy selection of information.

Gamertag: This option allows you to register your own Gamertag, which will show your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen (at all times, pretty much) along with your current gamerscore. You can also put your friends in as well and see what they are up to. It shows what games have been played and what the total achievements from each game have been accumulated. No, it does not get specific, it only provides the number and how many possible points are available.

There is a "Mountain Dew" option that allows you to watch commercials, or join the Mountain Dew Facebook page. Yes, this is a sort of a shameless plug by Mountain Dew, but somebody's gotta pay the bills right? This has not really been updated since I downloaded the app, so I am hoping that Mountain Dew will start putting up some exclusive trailers or content that will continue to drive me to the option.

The Videos section basically accesses Youtube and provides videos of Xbox 360 games, trailers from games, some cut scenes and other related videos. Not a bad link, as it seems to only put up the higher quality videos.

And lastly the News section has a highlights section and currently is featuring some content from E3, a games tab that shows many game videos (again more from E3) though some of the content is age appropriate so you must plug in your DOB, which can be hard to do in some cases as you have to be able to read a really small version of the content warning.

Sometimes navigating the menus can be a bit frustrating as the screen does miniaturize things down to an almost microscopic lettering, you can move and zoom in, but it takes a little bit of effort, maybe more then some are willing to give. It would also have been nice to be able to send messages to your friends.

So in the end, for a free app, I would say that this is a no-brainer, there are some fun things to see and do and it can be kind of cool top keep tabs on your friends while on the go. If anything, it can be cool to monitor your son (ahem, hehe) and see what he is up to when you aren't on your own 360. I can see this app expanding into better versions of itself as more content becomes available, and I am still convinced that Mountain Dew could score a coup if they started getting movie trailers that are not available to view anywhere else.


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