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Dual Screen Notebook

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Dual Screen Notebook Empty Dual Screen Notebook

Post by BranRAF on Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:55 am

Well, i must say that advances in technology do give us people certain advantages, like the computer you're reading this from now. But i've always hated these horrible 'press-me' buttons on the keyboard and the stupid wires that come with the mouse. And unless you have a tablet pc you can't really draw can you?

Well, we know there are tablet PC's about and they are pretty boring and simple wouldn't you say? Ok then, why not make things a little more complicated and add two touch screens. Hmm you say well that's right - not one but two touch screens on Canova's latest invention. A Dual Screen Notebook!

Now even i have to admit that that sounds pretty damn cool, just think 10 years ago we were running windows 98 and now we're about to release windows 7! So, you want to know about this Dual Screen Notebook? Well so far the specs for the Notebook haven't yet been released nor has it's price but i should imagine that it will take you back a good £1000 or more.

Want to see more? Well here are some pictures for you who want to know:

Dual Screen Notebook Canova_2

Dual Screen Notebook Canova_1

Dual Screen Notebook Canova_3

And i have also heard that this will only be available in Italy and Australia so unless you get it imported, i don't see many people using it Sad


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