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Top five mistakes Sony is making with Playstation 3

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Top five mistakes Sony is making with Playstation 3 Empty Top five mistakes Sony is making with Playstation 3

Sony has made plenty of mistakes with the Playstation 3 when the system launched in 2006. Throughout the years, however, they were able to fix some of the more prevalent problems. Still, the Playstation 3 has a long way to go in order live up to its original promises. Here are the top five current mistakes Sony is making with the Playstation 3.

5. Weak Third-Party Support
While the situation isn’t as dire as it was in the past, many third-party companies still prefer working with the Xbox 360 than the Playstation 3. As a result, most third party games look better while others were timed exclusive titles on the Xbox 360. Sony needs to be more aggressive working with third-party publishers and developers so that the playing ground will be even with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in terms of multiplatform releases.

4. Slow Firmware Update Features
Sony has been updating the Playstation 3 firmware frequently. While new features are constantly added, they are usually irrelevant to the gaming experience of the Playstation 3. Before Sony updates the multimedia features of the Playstation 3, they should focus all their attention to the gaming side of the equation. The closer the Playstation Network gets to Xbox Live on the Xbox 360, the more attractive the Playstation 3 will be to prospective buyers.

3. Lack of PSOne Classics
The original Playstation was Sony’s first video game system and the platform for some of the greatest video games of all time. Unfortunately, Sony (especially in America) is rarely releasing any new PSOne Classic on the Playstation Store of the Playstation 3. They are therefore missing out on some easy money and the opportunity to introduce the new gaming generation to titles from the past.

2. Removing Playstation 2 Backwards Compatibility
Sony removed Playstation 2 backwards compatibility in order to save costs. This move has caused nothing but problems for the Playstation 3 since prospective buyers are either angered and/or confused about the removal. The value of the Playstation 3 is therefore degraded. Sony can remedy this by implementing a software-based solution. However, doing so will be expensive and time-consuming.

1. No Price Drop
The biggest mistake Sony has made for the Playstation 3 is still hurting them years after the fact. The Playstation 3 launched at an unprecedented price tag of $599.99. Even though the price has come down to $399.99, the Playstation 3 is still the most expensive video game system on the market by a wide margin. To make matters worse, Sony isn’t financially sound enough right now to be dropping the Playstation 3 price. Unless they can sort this situation out, the Playstation 3 will continue to struggle against the competition


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Top five mistakes Sony is making with Playstation 3 :: Comments


Post on Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:27 am by BranRAF

Yeah, to be honest i would have got a PS3 probably but it was too damn expensive! Until they do drop the price it's going to be my second choice.

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