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Why Is There A Dead Space Trailer In Godfather II??

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Why Is There A Dead Space Trailer In Godfather II??

Godfather II includes a bonus trailer on the game disc but it's not for some upcoming EA game - it's for Dead Space, the survival horror game released last fall. Why put an old trailer on your game disc and bypass an opportunity to promote a new product? Well, there's a few reasons.

For starters, EA doesn't think Dead Space lived up to its sales potential. On a couple different instances, EA execs have stated that the Dead Space series will ultimately be a success but it's not quite there yet so they're doing all they can to boost sales for the game.

Bear in mind that a Wii version of Dead Space, Dead Space: Extraction, is coming out later this year too. The trailer on the Godfather II disc is from the PS3/PC/Xbox 360 version but it's the same IP so releasing the trailer lets them promote the original DS as well as Extraction at the same time. It's an old trailer, too, so it didn't cost them anything extra to throw it on the disc.

But why put it on the Godfather II disc, of all games? Well, they've actually got shared roots. Both are third-person action games created by EA Redwood Shores. What's more, Dead Space actually uses the same engine as the first two Godfather games (albeit a very modified version).

...Or maybe they just couldn't throw a Battlefield 1943 trailer together in time. That'd be a better good reason, too.


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