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Uh Oh! Larry's Back Next Week

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Uh Oh! Larry's Back Next Week

Post by Quadnike on Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:42 pm

Codemasters today sent out a ton of material to remind us that Leisure Suit Larry is back on our consoles next week in Europe and March 31st in North America.

For all of those unaware of Leisure Suit Larry (where have you been?), he's an age old games character who's always looking for love in all the wrong places. This third person, innuendo filled, comedic series, returns with Box Office Bust as Larry heads out to Tinseltown to save the day and save his uncle's film set.

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust will feature saucy comedy and bombshell babes as players tackle exploration, platforming, racing and puzzle-solving challenges to complete missions. The series’ trademark humour is in full effect as Larry’s new adventure takes him through parodies of Hollywood’s most famous studio sets. Whether he’s sneaking around on the ‘Bytanic’ or gun-slinging on ‘Beefcake Mountain’, Larry’s always got an eye out for the ladies.

The game features a pretty impressive cast list, notably, Carmen Electra (Starsky & Hutch) who plays Ginger Vitus and Jay Mohr (Simpsons, Family Guy, West Wing, Scrubs) who plays Larry Lovage himself. Check out some video interviews with them below.

Expect cheap laughs, debauchery and plenty of sexist mini games. Ladies and gentlemen ... Larry is now high def! Leisure Suit Larry is on sale from next week and will set you back a paltry £16.99 in the UK and $29.99 in North America


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