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Halo 3 Passes One BILLION Games Played

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Halo 3 Passes One BILLION Games Played

Post by Quadnike on Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:23 pm

This week's Bungie update showed some amazing stats for Halo 3. Last Saturday night, regardless of what you were doing, the one BILLIONTH Halo 3 game was played. Yes, you read that correctly. Since launch, there have been over one billion Halo 3 matches played.
Here are some other stats (stats are accurate as of the Bungie update):

  • Even though it was released roughly three years earlier, Halo 2 only has 798 million games played
  • If each game of Halo 3 lasted only three minutes and nineteen seconds, (mirroring the Infection game that was the 1 billionth game), the total amount of time played would eclipse sixty-three centuries. For those looking for more granularity, that's roughly 630 decades, 6,300 years, or 2,300,000 days.
  • As of the Bungie update, the exact total Halo 3 time played was 2,023,153,340,764 second. AKA two Trillion seconds, or 64,109 years of playtime.
Just wow. It's obvious that Halo will be forever remembered as one of the greatest console games regardless of your opinion on the game.
And people say everyone bought it because they thought it was gonna be great and then everyone said it was a let down.If it was a let down how is it getting so much playtime?I rest my case


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