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New Update Tutorials + Notifications

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New Update Tutorials + Notifications

Post by VampiricPadraig on Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:16 pm

1. Flood Control

To stop mad posting within the site, we have put a timer limit between two posts.
You must wait 10 seconds between posting before posting again!!
Note: This does not apply to Admins, Global Mods or Mods!!!

2. Multi-Quote

If you want to quote two messages at the "+Multi-Quote" (as shown below) button before hitting the "Reply" to quote both messages (or even more if you desire) and add your own message.

You can keep the quotes that you selected on the topic while you move to another page in the topic

eg. You selected "post #3" and "post #11" but #11 was on Pg.2 of the thread...Well, #3 will be kept until you hit the reply button.

If you want to DE-select the multi-quote..just hit the "-Multi-Quote" button.

3. Point System

How are points calculated?

* Points generated by the number of posts
* Points generated by the number of topics created
* Points generated by the number of friends that the user has
* Reputation points
* Points generated by the registration date of the member
* Points generated by the number of message on his profile

Everyone is starting from zero(0) and you shall build up your points...via the points above

You will gain 1 point for every message that you post.
You will gain 3 points for every topic that you start.
You will gain 1 point for every message that you recieve to your personal profile
You will gain 2 points for every friend that adds (or you add ) to your profile.


On every message you will see a "+" and a "-" on people's messages (Its on the top-right of their posts)
If you like the content of the the "+" and if you didn' the "-"

You will gain 1 point for every "positive" message
You will lose 1 point for every "negative" message
You will gain 3 points when the "Thanks" button is clicked on your message

Note: You cannot rank your posts and says "thanks" to your self (That'll look weird)

Thats all the tutorials for now..There is a couple more to come over the next while so watch this space!!
Thank You!!!

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