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NO$GBA Tutorial

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NO$GBA Tutorial

Post by VampiricPadraig on Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:31 am

No$Gba is a Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance emulator for the PC

Download link NO$GBA

1. Go to the above link and download the emulator (You will need WinRAR)

2. Download a Nintendo DS game or a GameBoy Advance extract your game to a relevent folder...I recommend creating a ROMs folder and within it create a folder (0001 - 1000) for rom numbers (eg. 1284 - Pokemon Diamond (E))

3. Right-Click on the rom and go to "Open With...." and select "no$gba"

4. When you launch a game and it says "The game data cannot be saved, please turn off and restart" here is what to do...go to Options>Emulator Setup. For our example (Pokemon Diamond) change the "NDS Cartridge Backup Media" to FLASH 512KBytes, then press * on your keyboard or go File>Reset Cart (If the game STILL doesn't work...try the each one until it does work)

5. Play. Use your mouse as a stylus

Here is the controls that I personally use when im testing games before they go onto my R4DS

A = Space
B = B
X = V
Y = N
L = Z
R = M
Start = Enter
Select = Backspace
D-Pad = Arrow Keys

If you have any problems...I will be constructing a NO$GBA FAQ



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