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PoP DLC "not integral to the story" (CVG 18/2/09)

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PoP DLC "not integral to the story" (CVG 18/2/09)

Post by VampiricPadraig on Wed Feb 18, 2009 4:09 am

Ubisoft Montreal has told us that the upcoming Prince of Persia DLC is not integral to the story set out in the first game.

Following some criticism about the game's ending on our forums, we put it to the DLC's associate producer, Jamal Rguigui, that some gamers weren't happy with the idea of paying extra just to get to the game's 'true ending'.

"Prince of Persia is a complete game and the ending is definitely the one we had in mind, literally, from day one," he said.

"The Prince of Persia Epilogue is a special added bonus that goes on to illustrate events in the characters' lives following the closure of the game. In fact, that's basically the definition of an epilogue - it's a passage that is not integral to the story but that gives an insight into the future of the characters.

"The creative team behind Prince of Persia developed a story that they hoped would make players reflect upon the adventure that they had lived and why the story unfolded as it did. Sometimes, wrapping up all of the mysteries of a story is not the best way to conclude - we wanted to leave some doors open to mystery. There is a short narrative text at the beginning of Prince of Persia:

The wind is free, but the sand goes where it is blown.
Unaware of the world around it, whirling on the breath of the Gods, at the mercy of the storm that engulfs it.
What is one grain of sand in the desert?
One grain amongst the storm?

"It was our hope that people's interpretation of this text would change as they played the game and as they lived the adventure of Prince of Persia. What did this phrase mean to you when you first started, what did it mean when you finished? And, possibly, does your perception change once again once you play the Epilogue?"

Having listened to community feedback, Rguigui said that Ubisoft has taken off the Prince's stabilisers - the DLC will ramp up the difficulty level by adding cleverer puzzles, plus more challenging combat and acrobatics sequences.

Check back soon for the full interview and all the new DLC details.


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