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G.I. Joe Game Detailed Now, Unveiled Next Week (Kotaku 11/2/09)

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G.I. Joe Game Detailed Now, Unveiled Next Week (Kotaku 11/2/09)

Post by VampiricPadraig on Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:15 am

Electronic Arts' take on toy-turned-cartoon-turned-movie, G.I. Joe, will be unveiled during next week's Toy Fair in New York.

"As Hasbro and Paramount Pictures reignite the G.I. Joe property this year with an all-new toy line and film, EA is excited to play a major role in bringing this icon of pop culture history to a new generation of enthusiasts through interactive gaming," said Chip Lange, General Manager and Vice President of EA Hasbro. "G.I. JOE offers exceptionally rich storylines and a cast of characters that lends itself incredibly well to creating an over-the-top action adventure video game that will thrill gamers as well as G.I. Joe fans."

The game will release this summer to coincide with the theatrical release of G.I. JOE; The Rise of Cobra live-action movie on Aug. 7. G.I. Joe will feature a storyline that picks up where the movie leaves off and includes a dozen G.I. Joe characters. It will also include a single-screen co-op mode.

According to the game's website you can:

* Assemble an elite JOE team and call in reinforcements when the mission gets down and dirty.
* Choose from 12 of your favorite JOEs, each with a unique set of skills and weapons.
* Gear up with the latest in high-tech gadgets.
* Jump into, steal or hijack powerful G.I. JOE or COBRA vehicles, then fire away!

EA is developing G.I. Joe for the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, DS, Xbox 360 and Wii. No word on a PC version or iPhone mini-game collection... yet.

OK, which 12 characters should be playable in the upcoming game, besides Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.


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