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Euro fans get confrontational: SOCOM delayed to March?

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Euro fans get confrontational: SOCOM delayed to March?

Post by Irish_COP on Thu Jan 29, 2009 3:48 pm

Fans eagerly awaiting for SOCOM: Confrontation's already-delayed-as-it-is release in Europe next month may get burned even more. Now, reports are coming in that UK retailer GAME is sending out emails about a delay.

The emails from GAME were sent to customers who have already pre-ordered the SOCOM even as far back in 2008. And now, GAME's letting them know that the shipping date has been moved to March.

Adding credence to GAME's updated shipping date, Play UK online product page for SOCOM is indeed showing a post-February release. In their site, it's now listed with a more specific March 27 release. Yeouch.

Understandably, European gamers are getting antsy and frustrated. With the game already being released in North America back in September of last year, Europe once more gets things last. There's even talk of dropping SOCOM orders altogether and maybe getting Killzone 2 instead. Uh-oh... Looks like SCE and Slant Six are in a jam.

Sicne we haven't gotten any official word on the final final final release date for SOCOM in Europe, we'll have to notch the retailer-revealed delay up as rumor for now.

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