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WipEout graphic design firm goes under (CVG 27/1/09)

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WipEout graphic design firm goes under (CVG 27/1/09)

Post by VampiricPadraig on Tue Jan 27, 2009 11:53 am

Anyone into gaming over the last 14-odd years will have come into contact with WipEout's fancy graphics at least once. But back in 1995, alongside the launch of PSone, they were mind-blowing. After 23 years of business then, it's sad to see The Designers Republic bow out to hard times...

Founder Ian Anderson told Creative Review, "We'd lost a couple of clients, didn't win a couple of pitches, got a tax bill which should have been sorted out and wasn't and a major client who didn't pay the money they owed us - in themselves any of those things would have been fine but when they come all at once there's not much you can do."

Anderson continued saying that over the past few year the studio have slowly moved away from "what it was supposed to be".

"I want to go back to what DR was," he said of the future. "Working hands-on and not through account managers. I've never liked that agency model - it's not where creativity lies. DR accidentally ended up there in order to service bigger clients.

"I'm not being ungrateful to the people who ran the business side at DR - it wasn't their fault. I'm glad we did it - it took getting there to make me realise that it wasn't where I wanted to be."


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