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Wii , the proof of the pudding

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Wii , the proof of the pudding

Post by Charcoal on Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:58 am

I don't want to sound like a fanboy of course, and I don't even own a Wii for that matter.

But was looking at some stats for the year ended (2008) and it looks like the Wii is currently 'owning' the market.

Whether you think their games are serious or not, it seems they are moving a great deal more of them than X-Box 360 or PS3.

Nintendo is no doubt laughing it's head off. Money problems? what money problems, were MAKING money.
And to date I have not heard any whinging they had to send in their Wii for maintenance.

Not sure, but it wouldn't be a shock if a lot of Sony ex employees are putting in applications to work at Nintendo. Why not eh, Nintendo is actually doing well regardless of what a hard core gamer thinks a real game looks like.

Myself, I just wish Ian Mcneil (you wouldn't know him) of Slitherine (likely don't know them) would stop being a cock tease and tell me whether his two games due out in 2009 are for the Nintendo DS or not. I can't picture them being made for the PSP, and I sure hope he's not making them for a f**king phone thingy.

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