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MS: Delete leaked Midnight Club DLC (CVG 13/1/09)

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MS: Delete leaked Midnight Club DLC (CVG 13/1/09)

Post by VampiricPadraig on Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:30 am

Microsoft has called on Xbox Live users that managed to download Midnight Club's downloadable content early to delete it, less their save games become corrupt.

Posting on his blog, Xbox community man Graeme 'Aceybongos' Boyd said the content "accidentally" appeared on Xbox Live Marketplace this morning.

"It has since been removed, but you may have had the chance to download it while it was up there. If you did and if it's sitting on your hard drive you should delete it - reason being that it was being tested when it was mistakenly put live and therefore it may not work properly, the Achievements won't register and could cause you problems with your Midnight Club: LA game saves.

"Sorry for the mistake and sorry for the hassle, but if you did download the content best thing to do is delete it. I'll let you know when it's up for real!"

The proper release is planned for January 29. Did you download it? Did it cost you? Let us know below.


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