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PS3s account for 70% of Blu-ray player market

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PS3s account for 70% of Blu-ray player market

Post by Irish_COP on Mon Jan 12, 2009 4:03 pm

Since its launch in June 2006, Sony’s Blu-ray format has gone on to accumulate considerable success, seeing off rival HD DVD and slowly cementing itself as one of the most popular mediums of digital entertainment among consumers. In just under three years, the format has shifted 10.7 million Blu-ray players across North America, which is almost double that of DVD players within the same time frame in its life cycle.

"Several of the research analyst participants admitted they have revised their hardware projections upward in light of Blu-ray´s pace. Analysts believe that the emerging $200 to $300 pricing for many Blu-ray players made them the perfect family gift this year. With so many new models announced for this year at CES, that pace is unlikely to let up in 2009," states Video Business.

With many Blu-ray players from prestigious companies like Samsung hitting the USD 200 value mark, it's no surprise that they've been flying off store shelves. Sony can be especially proud considering they've sold well over seven million PlayStation 3 consoles in North America, accounting for 70 percent of the number of Blu-ray players sold in the region.

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Re: PS3s account for 70% of Blu-ray player market

Post by Charcoal on Tue Jan 13, 2009 5:35 am

The hidden message. Sony won the battle and lost the war.

HD lost the format battle, but Sony hoped to have people actually wanting to play PS3 games to recoup the totally unprofitable cost of making the PS3. now it seems the blueray player tech will soon be so easy to come by people won't need a PS3 as much, and the PS3 has yet to be sufficiently good at producing sufficiently well selling games, that in all likelihood, Sony is probably never going to actually turn a profit on the PS3.

And they did this just in time for the world wide economic stumble too. Great timing.

I don't as yet need a blueray player, and I will never be a PS3 gamer, and I likely will want a blueray burner drive on my computer before I have a burning need to play blueray films I currently don't own any of.

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