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Sony details new PS3 Home improvements

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Sony details new PS3 Home improvements

Post by Irish_COP on Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:42 am

Red Bull gives you wings!!!!
PS3 Home screenshot

Sony has revealed a number of new features heading this week to the free virtual world service PlayStation Home, including the launch of the Red Bull space.

According to CydoniaX, the PlayStation Home Community Manager, the Red Bull space is going live, which you'll be able to access by clicking on the Red Bull Air Race map tile. The space will allow you to explore a tropical island and take part in different Red Bull events, including flying a Red Bull Air Race plane and compete against other flyers on the Red Bull Air Race course.

According to CydoniaX: "This is just the start of what we are working on for Red Bull Island with more to come in the next few months."

Additionally, Ligne Roset and Diesel will now have their own storefronts in the PlayStation Home Mall, so that you will be able to locate these brands more easily.

Available only to North American PS3 owners are Killzone 2 and Resident Evil: Degenration goodies.

From CydoniaX: "For the SCEA region, if you pre-order "Killzone 2" for PS3 through Amazon you'll get an exclusive PlayStation Home costume for your Home avatar. With costume pieces for your head, torso, legs, hands and feet, you can customize your Home avatar to look like an ISA Soldier, a Helghast Assault Trooper, or something in between. Codes to access your bonus costumes will be sent to you after Killzone 2 launches on 02/27/09.

"And last but not least, SCEA is adding Resident Evil: Degeneration themed T-shirts for all fans of the movie we showed a sneak peek of over the holiday break. Please check back here in the next few days to find out when we go live with this update."

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