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Not just for kids eh (that's anone under 17 btw)

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Not just for kids eh (that's anone under 17 btw)

Post by Charcoal on Thu Jan 08, 2009 2:09 pm

I own a Nintendo DS and I am your dad's age in all likelihood!

Damn it, I am not saying there are no great games as measured by a teenage mind, but I have a teenage son, I haven't actually been one for decades Smile

And I like the Nintendo DS because it is NOT just a kids toy.

But, it seems that the DS is considered a kids toy and not surprisingly when you look at a full list of all the games made for it.

Walk into a store, and count how many titles might interest your dad, not a lot is there eh?

I own Panzer Tactics the reason I bought the DS in the first place.
I also own Age of Empires Age of Kings and the newer Mythologies.
I own Steel Horizon a great naval battle game.
I own Civilization Revolution.
I also own Brain Age which is actually a good program.
And I own Sim City.

Because I bought an R4DS Revolution in 2006 (back when it was actually cutting edge) I of course can say I have any other Nintendo DS game.
But I liked the above enough to outright buy them.

I also like a few I wish I could have bought, but time and being in circulation have meant I missed a few.

Still the above list isn't much when you consider that with all regions added, there are more than 3000 DS roms made to date.
And all I get is like 4-5 adult friendly wargames? I protest!! Smile

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