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  • 20090816
    Bethesda is officially done with Fallout 3 -- Mothership Zeta was the final downloadable episode for the post-apocalyptic RPG. So that means that they're switching back to the Elder Scrolls now, right? Maybe not.
    "We are working on our next big game but we are not talking about it," Bethesda game director Todd Howard said during his QuakeCon 2009 keynote (via the Big Download).

    But that game is not Elder Scrolls V. Howard said that there are "no current plans" for another game in that series.

    So right now, it's hard to say what Bethesda's next project...

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  • 20090816
    Oh, Sony isn't going to be too happy about this one. It seems that some very clever Nintendo DSi fan has registered and turned it into a giant advertisement for how amazing the DSi is. Heading over to the site will bring you to an incredibly professional looking page that does absolutely nothing to convince you to get a PSPgo and absolutely everything it possibly can to show you how nifty the DSi is. Everything on the site links back to Nintendo's official pages too.

    Who knows who put this together, but one can bet they might be getting a pretty penny from Sony at some point...

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  • 20090731
    Alien vs. Predator developer Rebellion says it's "keeping a sharp eye" on recent motion control developments from Sony and Microsoft.

    Speaking in an interview with CVG, art and design head Tim Jones said he's excited about the idea of getting his Predator, Marine and Alien waggle on... but the idea will probably have to wait for the sequel.

    "We're always keeping a sharp eye on any new developments available to make games more immersive, and the new motion control developments look very exciting," he said.

    "I don't think the technology will...

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  • 20090731
    The Xbox 360 and PC versions of id's Rage sport higher framerates than the PlayStation 3 version, the latest issue of Edge magazine reveals.

    In a ten-page reveal in its latest issue, Edge writes that the Xbox 360 version of Rage - which uses id's new Tech 5 engine - matches the 60fps framerate of the PC version, while PS3 runs at just "20-30fps".

    It's not mentioned whether the PS3 framerate will be addressed by the game's eventual release.

    "The PS3 lags a little bit behind in terms of getting the performance out of it," John Carmack told Edge....

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  • 20090729
    Square Enix Europe, the business unit integrating sales and marketing forces of Square Enix Ltd. (Square Enix) and Eidos Interactive (Eidos), announced today its exciting line-up of combined titles which will be on show at GamesCom 2009, Cologne, August 19th - 23rd.

    GamesCom 2009 will mark the first time Square Enix and Eidos titles will be showcased together; highlighting the growing diversity of the expanding global entertainment company. This year's stand features games developed from around the world offering highly-anticipated experiences across genres and platforms.


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  • 20090724
    EA's Battlefield 1943 has become the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network download-only title.

    The multiplayer FPS, which features two modes, four maps and supports 24 players online, broke day one and week one download-only game records worldwide on Xbox 360, and in the US on PS3.

    Since its launch on July 8, the DICE developed WWII shooter has sold over 600,000 copies across both platforms.

    "We are honoured by the reception that the game has received so far," said Battlefield 1943 producer Gordon Van Dyke. "We can now truly say...

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  • 20090721
    The NPD Group has released data showing the top five selling games across PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii in the US market during the first half of 2009.

    The chart data, which was provided to Gamasutra, didn't include limited or collector's edition versions of each game.

    Sony's Killzone 2 was the bestselling PS3 game during the first six months of the year. Capcom's Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV took second and third, followed by THQ's UFC 2009: Undisputed and Sony's MLB '09: The Show. The report points out that none of the titles have sold a million copies in the States so...

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  • 20090722
    Gearbox Software has given a rare update on the status of Aliens: Colonial Marines, assuring fans that the shooter is still in development and promising "great things afoot".

    Speaking in an interview with CVG, Gearbox supremo Randy Pitchford revealed that even he is finding it challenging to remain patient for the shooter.

    "I know that there hasn't been much talk about what we're doing for awhile and that more details would be very juicy. Like so many people, I've been patient for years to finally be able to play this game and now that I'm actually involved...

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  • 20090720

    It's another set of three normal maps and one zombie map in Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3, coming to consoles next month from the fine folks at Treyarch.

    Three screens accompanied today's announcement, showing off the three regular multiplayer maps coming as part of World at War's third dose of downloadable content. Battery, Revolution, and Breach were co-developed by Treyarch and partner Certain Affinity, each providing lovely new places for players to mercilessly slaughter...

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  • 20090716
    Guitar Hero today confirmed another 22 rockin' tracks which will be featured on Guitar Hero 5's massive 85-song on-disc set list. From the jamming sound of Elton John's glamorous "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)" to the classic, never before released live recording of "Lithium" from grunge rockers Nirvana; multi-platinum, rock 'n' roll legends The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy For The Devil" to the southern rock beats of My Morning Jacket's "One Big Holiday," the game features the widest variety of today's rock hits and classic tunes from some of the...

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  • 20090715
    EA Sports has officially dated FIFA 10 for release internationally on October 2 for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, PS2, DS and PSP.

    According to EA this year's instalment "features core gameplay refinements based on responsiveness and intelligence, plus a completely overhauled Manager Mode that includes more than 50 major improvements."

    800th POST!!!!
    *dances* Whoo!!!! Clap Clap

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  • 20090711

    by VampiricPadraig - Comments: 1 - Views: 236
  • 20090709
    After this morning's accidental confirmation, EA's officially announced Command & Conquer 4. Full release follows...

    The fourth game will be an "epic conclusion" to the Tiberium series, says EA, introducing new class-based gameplay to the traditional C&C formula, mobile bases and "persistent play progression" throughout all modes.

    The fourth game's two campaigns follow on from the events of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, with humanity only six years away from extinction, as the mysterious crystalline structure, Tiberium renders the earth...

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  • 20090709
    Guitar Hero 5 is hitting stores this fall and if we've learned anything by now, it is the set list that makes or breaks a music game. Activision and Neversoft have sent over an official list of the first 24 songs in the game. Have a look below to see if your favorite band made the cut and then check back soon as we update this list with the remainder of the tunes on the disc and any eventual downloadable tracks that get announced.


    Band Of Horses - "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands"
    Beastie Boys - "Gratitude"
    Beck - "Gamma Ray"

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  • 20090701
    Retail Sources: PS3, 360 Price Cuts are Legitimate, Wii Cut Possible

    Vgchartz has received confirmation that price cuts of some nature, likely as Ars Technica reported the other day, are in the works for both Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Both cuts are expected by the early fall. The sources expect the systems to have different components – more memory, less parts, and any remaining inventory of older skus the two companies want to get rid of will likely be bundled with compelling catalogue software developed in house at Sony and/or Microsoft.

    The big news though is...

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  • 20090630
    Is Lionhead working on Fable III? In some capacity, almost definitely. Considering the success of Fable II, not developing a third game in the series would be throwing money away. But we didn't expect this kind of Fable III "confirmation."

    So who's mentioning Fable III now? The New York Times, which is typically not wrong about much. More specifically, the Times "Weddings/Celebrations" section is talking about the next Fable game. Yes, Fable III is being mentioned alongside the announcement of Lionhead designer Joshua Atkins' weekend wedding. PR is so weird!

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  • 20090630
    According to a Nielsen Company study last April, almost 50 percent of all PC gamers are female, with hit PC titles like The Sims played primarily by women. The latest Sims iteration, The Sims 3, sold more than 1.4 million copies a week after its release, presumably bolstered by that aforementioned demographic. However, a new study by the NPD Group shows that female gamers branch well beyond the PC platform and now constitute more than a quarter of all console video gamers.

    Does holding a Wii peripheral cause an irrepressible urge to strike a pose?

    In NPD's Gamer...

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  • 20090630
    Here's a mash-up, Heavy from TF2 selling one of Mays' signature products, Kaboom.